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Found at Goodwill today!!!!!!


10:17 pm
August 25, 2009


South Carolina


posts 59

Ok, I've read about other people finding stuff at goodwill, but I never have….until today! After walking around and finding nothing interesting, I was about to leave when I spotted a row of dvds on the counter. I stop to look and find a sealed copy of the Stone Cold Steve Austin 3-disc set that WWE put out last year. Had $2.00 written on it. So, while standing in line (I nearly cut in front of one guy and would have missed this!), I see a plastic bin behind the counter with NES games in it. I ask the lady if they were for sale and she says yes and got them for me. I ask her how much and she says $1 a-piece. I start looking and turns out there were 9 NES games and 6 SNES games in the bin. I tell her I'll take them all.

The NES games were not that special, because I had most of them, but here they are:

Little Nemo the Dream Master
Legend of Zelda (gray cart)
Zelda II: Adventure of Link (gray cart)
Metroid (gray label)
Super Mario/Duck Hunt
Super Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet
Kung Fu

The SNES games were what made me stop looking and take the whole lot. Some I had, but some I didn't:

Super Mario World
Sim City
Battletoads/Double Dragon
Super Metroid

and the big one……Castlevania Dracula X!!!! All of this for $15!!! Dracula X for $1!!!!

The bad news is that some of these games are really, REALLY dirty. The Battletoads game looks like it may have had oil spilled on it. The Dracula X game is dirty and has a Blockbuster sticker over part of the label.

My questions are, what's the best way to clean these carts, and is there a way to remove the Blockbuster sticker without trashing the Dracula X label?

12:38 am
August 26, 2009



posts 53

Use lighter fluid or denatured alcohol (ask at a paint store) for adhesive and dirt. Someone suggested on the old forums to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for markers. DeoxIt for contacts.

4:45 pm
August 28, 2009



posts 110

If the sticker is on the label there's not much you can do. For cleaning games and contacts I use q-tips and rubbing alcohol.

I gotta try the Magic Eraser for markers, so many games with someone's name written on them.

9:15 pm
August 28, 2009



posts 18

So annoying to see someones badly scrawled name on a cart.

10:14 pm
August 28, 2009



posts 125

Sweet find!!!

I always use q-tips and off-brand Windex to clean my games.

1:49 am
August 29, 2009



posts 33

Yeah that was me who suggested the magic erasers and they work like they say, magic.

9:27 am
August 29, 2009




posts 9

that is an awesome find!!! even in the bad condition they are in you still saved a ton of $$$$

2:42 pm
August 29, 2009


South Carolina


posts 59

Post edited 7:09 pm – August 29, 2009 by Nick

I think I'm finished with the label.  Someone suggested replacing the back of the cart with another one.  I may end up doing that.  Here are some before pics:

** you don't have permission to see this link **

** you don't have permission to see this link **

** you don't have permission to see this link **

I still have to clean the cart, but I've finished with the label unless someone has a trick for removing sticker residue from the label without destroying it.  Also, most of the games turned out to be doubles for me, but at the time, I couldn't remember what I had and what I didn't.  Super Metroid was a must-buy even though it was a double.

7:42 pm
August 29, 2009



posts 53

Did you try lighter fluid? Just put a little on a paper towel and apply to the adhesive residue. It usually works for me.

8:50 pm
August 30, 2009



posts 125

Acetone (nail polish remover) always works.  However, you risk stripping the original sticker off as well.

2:08 am
October 27, 2009



posts 12

GooGone is the best. Acetone always melts my cartridges, even when I'm extremely careful. BUT it will get permanent marker off, it just wears away the plastic.

7:50 am
June 4, 2010



posts 3

Nice find!

From video games to construction

12:00 pm
July 15, 2010


New Member

posts 1

thats crazy the castevania dracula x last i checked it was 60 bucks. Ive never found a game that much ive found super mario rpg for 2 bucks in the flea market once.

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