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Super Mario Sunshine


2:54 pm
July 17, 2009



posts 106

Worst. First. Party. Mario. Game. EVER!!!!


4:46 pm
July 17, 2009



posts 81

I don't think you are wrong about this but I just want to add that even though it is the \"worst\" Nintendo made Mario game, it's still better that most other platform games on any system of that generation.

8:20 pm
July 17, 2009




posts 91

You're gonna have to define 'Mario game' before we can agree that that was the worst. How about Mario Bros on the Atari 2600? Mario's Picross? Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix? Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga? Hotel Mario for the Phillips CDi?

Super Mario Bros. re-released on the GBA was just a ploy to milk yet more money out of Mario without actually making a new game (and it was 2 years after sunshine)! I'm not a fan of sunshine, but at least it was a new game.

Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well.
*Isaac Asimov

9:26 pm
July 17, 2009



posts 110

Hmm.. with the \"First Party\" requirement that could be true. The absolute worst Mario games (Hotel Mario, Mario is Missing, Mario's Time Machine) were not created by Nintendo. I have to think about this… wait, I've got it! Mario Clash for Virtual Boy.

9:49 pm
July 17, 2009




posts 91

Hey, I liked Mario Clash. I wish my Virtual Boy still worked so I could play it.

Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well.
*Isaac Asimov

9:56 pm
July 17, 2009



posts 106

Post edited 1:58 am – July 18, 2009 by Jeromy

This is definitely not the worst mario game ever (I'm looking at you Mario is Missing) but for a Nintendo product it's garbage.

Every 6 months or so I try to replay Super Mario Sunshine and every 6 months I get pissed off and my blood pressure rises. There are so many little things wrong with this game that it completely sucks all the fun out of it.

I'm going to have to put this game on the shelf permanently.

8:49 pm
July 19, 2009



posts 48

I think the last time I tried playing Super Mario Sunshine was at least 2 years ago, and my first impression of it was about the same as for Zelda: The Wind Waker (not that great, but not bad). It didn't quite capture me the same way Super Mario 64 or even Luigi's Mansion did and I didn't get that far into the game before I grew tired of it.

I don't have as much of a beef with it as Jeromy appears to have, and seeing how angry he is towards it only makes me want to play it again just to see the reasoning behind his anger. lol

1:11 pm
August 2, 2009



posts 20

I freaking hate super mario sunshine.  Fludd is 100% of the problem.  When I played it for the first time I was like hmmm I wonder if he'll keep that stupid thing on after the intro….. oh hell yes he will.  Plus it talks out of it's freaking nozzle.  This is the only first party mario game that I have not finished.  Another problem it's pretty freaking hard.  I finished super mario galaxy with 120 stars but I couldn't bear to play halfway through sms.  Winder Waker is a much better game.  I'm also not a fan of the part where you're running around on the island picking up fruit and crap.  Plus saving EVERY time you pick up a coin.  The worst part is you can see slivers of a great Mario game showing through the cracks in the facade of shit and torture.

10:55 pm
August 6, 2009


South Carolina


posts 59

Post edited 2:56 am – August 7, 2009 by Nick

I'll have to disagree, but offhand, I really can't think of what the worst Mario game could be.  I had a blast with Sunshine.  Never finished it, but I believe I had enough stars to goto the end.  I wanted to get them all, but that'll never happen.  I never played Super Mario 64 all that much, but I liked Sunshine more than 64.  I had no problem with Fludd and enjoyed the island setting.

Another \"Mario\" game that I've not played that much, but do own is Super Mario RPG.  Just never could get into it..   I don't consider it the worst ever made, because when I think of Mario games, I think of Super Mario Bros 1-3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros.  Everything else is a game with Mario in it, not a Mario game.

6:45 am
August 7, 2009



posts 18

Sunshine has grown on me a bit, but it is the weakest Mario platformer I have played.

As for Wind Waker, it is the only 3-D Zelda I enjoy, so it is one that hods a strong place in my heart.

5:58 am
November 29, 2009



posts 17

I wasnt a big fan of it either but its pretty good. In my opinion the worst one of the batch would be either SMB2(ours and the japs version).

For starters, Im a pretty good gamer, I kick ass at pretty much any game I touch, but god damn-it I cant beat either version of SMB2!!! I find the jap one too hard and the american one to cheap…those enemies are whores =[

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