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Currently playing….


10:30 pm
September 25, 2009


South Carolina


posts 59

Didn't know where to put this, so I figured since it has Current in the title, put it in the Current Generation.  But, really, I just want to know what everyone is playing.  As for me:

Gamecube: Animal Crossing

X-box: NCAA Football 2003

PS3: Batman: Arkham Asylum

DS: Clubhouse Games, Chrono Trigger

That's about it for me right now.  I tend to switch out a bunch though.  What about you?

12:52 am
September 26, 2009



posts 125

I tend to switch around a TON!

PS2: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (haven't touched it since July but I've logged over 30 hours…only 2 chapters left)

NES: Final Fantasy III (yes, the fan translated Japanese version…it's kind of bored me lately so I've moved on to the game below)

Genesis: Shining Force II (I love this game!  I just put in a couple hours this evening)

PC: Spelunky (this is an incredibly fun, FREE, platformer available on the internet.  I highly recommend downloading it)

Nice topic Nick!

11:28 am
September 26, 2009



posts 48

I haven't had a whole lot of variety lately.

PS2: Guitar Hero II and III (when my fiance and friend want to play)

PC: World of Warcraft. (Yes, it's true. I've given in after months of abstinence. It kinda sucks though since I'm WAY behind everyone else…)

2:58 am
September 27, 2009




posts 91

I'm glad we started a seperate post for this. I don't like in forums when everyone tries to cram 15 games apiece in as their forum sig in every single post – in addition to their XBL gamertag.

Wii: FF4 The After Years, Bomberman Blast (online, usually at 4:00am so I can play against japanese kids)

GBA: Golden Sun: The Lost Age

DS: Retro Game Challenge

hemrawc: How does Shining Force II compare to the rest of the series? I've played the 1st one and the one for SegaCD and I love em both. Also thanks for recommending Spelunky. I had never heard of it, but it looks sweet. I'm gonna have to play it sometime.

Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well.
*Isaac Asimov

7:35 pm
September 27, 2009



posts 110

I'm also playing Retro Game Challenge – I only have one game left to finish in it – Robot Ninja Haggleman 3. It's sort of like Ninja Gaiden, at least it's about as hard as Ninja Gaiden.

On the Gamecube I've been playing Lego Star Wars II lately. I'm trying to unlock everything and it's taking forever because you have to earn an insane number of points for some of them.

7:41 pm
September 27, 2009


South Carolina


posts 59

I played Retro Game Challenge a while back and thought it was amazing!  I don't believe I finished the game, though.  I think I made it past the RPG, but that's where I stopped playing.  I read that the 2nd one is already out in Japan.  Hope it makes it over here! 

3:41 am
March 4, 2011


New Member

posts 1

Post edited 10:43 am – March 4, 2011 by helen

I´ve been playing Mario Kart and some sports games with my wii console. Now I prefer ** you don't have permission to see this link **

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